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RTK2go® is a community NTRIP Caster created to allow you to publish your GNSS correction streams for others to use with their NTRIP Clients.  It is built using the same Pro edition of the SNIP Caster you can find on the site.  Why do we do this?, because many of the RTK2go users here end up operating a SNIP network of their own.  You can download and evaluate your own copy of SNIP® from here.  It is one part of the overall simple NTRIP™ project created by SubCarrier Systems Corp. (SCSC).

RTK2go:   250+ Public Base Stations,  10,000+ Users,  100,000,000+ Sessions,
Professional Grade, and Free to use

Send your Base Station data to RTK2go® if you do not wish to run your own NTRIP Caster.
Please download your own copy of SNIP® if you want to run your own NTRIP Caster.

Current average connection rates on this node:
150,000+ connections per day, over 250+ data streams, with 5~10 GB/day served.

Current Status – Operational

Running SNIP NTRIP Caster Rev 2.13.00

Attention All New Base Station Data Providers:
Please Register before use (click here)

Having a prior registration is now required for all data providers so that we have a valid email on record to contact you when your Base Station is not working.  The process is quick, free, painless, and we will not send you spam.  With millions of bad connections now occurring every month, we implemented this to better manage the service for all.  Data users (NTRIP Clients) do not need to register.

RTK2go: This Caster accepts data from any valid source including other SNIP nodes, the Simple NTRIP Caster, in the PUSH-Out mode, as well as from any other NTRIP Server software.  It is not a web site.  It is using a SNIP NTRIP Caster as a software service you can freely use (SaS).  If terms like Caster, Client or NTRIP are unfamiliar to you, just click on these links for further explanations.

But if these terms are familiar to you, you probably want to know how to log on, see the below.

This is a simple “static page” web site as all the interesting things take place using the normal NTRIP protocol layers hosted on the same machine.

Terms of Use: By sending your data stream to this Caster you affirm that:
a) You have the right to do so, and
b) You consent to allow others to freely use your data, and
c) The caster owner / operator shall be held harmless for any faults or loss – real or perceived.
The caster owner / operator (SCSC) reserves the right to remove or block any party for abuse.

Useful details….


The RTK2go Caster is implemented with the SNIP NTRIP Caster using the same software you can purchase from our SNIP web site.  It is running on a common Windows 7 OS on an i5 machine with a reliable internet connection.  There are several thousand SNIP deployments running both public and private NTRIP Caster networks all over the world.  Over the past few years, SNIP has lowered the cost of professional grade NTRIP Caster ownership for GNSS professionals everywhere.

If your network needs are small (3 Base Station streams or less) and if you do not required any of SNIP‘s advanced features such as PFAT translations, a NEARest baseline connection, advanced user accounting, adaptive IP firewalls, status reporting, or complete RTCM 3.x message decoding, the Lite model may be ideal for your needs.  The Lite model of SNIP is free to use, even for use in commercial applications.   Download a copy here.  You can read more about SNIP‘s various features and setup details here.  Of course the paid models do have many additional useful features which we hope will convince you to purchase your own copy.

Worried about the lack of an available static IP at your planned site?  No problem, we can help your setup a DDNS connection and register a proper name for your Caster to overcome this, just ask our support staff for details.

Do not have a dedicated server machine? No worries, SNIP works on common Windows 7, 8 and 10 machines as well as Windows servers and various virtual machines. In fact; the machine running this web site and the RTK2go Caster with 250+ Base Stations is just a common Win7 box with an average 10~15% load utilization.


Are always welcome, please send them to support [at]
We use your comments to help us make SNIP the best NTRIP Caster in the world.
Want to run your own copy, that’s why we are here.

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SNIP® and RTK2go® are registered trademarks of SubCarrier Systems Corp. (SCSC).
simple NTRIP™, PFAT™, and Simple NTRIP over IP™ are trademarks of SubCarrier Systems Corp. (SCSC).

If you wish to support RTK2go as a public service, please consider making a donation


This web page gets less than < 0.005% of the hits on this site (most go straight to the NTRIP Caster).  But for those who wish to know, below is a classic counter widget started around Jan 1st 2019…