New Base Station Reservation

This page is used to create a New Reservation for your Base Station on
The email that you provide will not be shared with others, nor will we use it to market at you.

The process below will create a reservation for the Base Station mountPt Name that you enter so that you can send data from your own NTRIP Server to the RTK2go NTRIP Caster machine. You may create as many mountPt registrations as you will need, there is no limit, and they may all be registered under the same name and email.  However each registered mountPt name must be unique within the RTK2go Caster, and at present this is checked by hand.  There is no need to register NTRIP Clients (data users) on this system.

You will receive a copy of the below form a few moments after you submit it by email.  This will be followed another email with your registration details (the log-on password for the registered name).  Note that the prior password “BETATEST” will no longer be used in the near future.  The process typically takes under 8 hours to complete.

It is essential that we have your correct eMail address so we can inform you when the SNIP Caster on the RTK2go machine has detected problems in your corrections stream.  This allows us to provide you with an error report so assist you to correct the issue rather then have your IP address banned for some period of time.

Registration Details --- ---

This email will only be used in three ways. #1: To confirm your reservation details, #2: To contact you when log-in or data problems are seen by the Caster with your Base Station Connection, and #3: To provide weekly usage summaries (if you opt-in to this). A valid email is required to register and send in data. No registration is required by your end users to connect and obtain data.

NTRIP Set Up Details --- ---

This is the unique name your data stream will appear under. Others will use this name to select your data stream. Select a short (4~20 char) name that will make sense to your users. Do not use common names such as 'Base' for this. Capitalization matters in this field, no white space is allowed, and no special chars are allowed. Only [A-Z,a-z,0-9,-,_]

This is the unique password associated with your mountPt and you will use it to connect and sent data (4~20 char). If left blank, one will be provided for you by return email. DO NOT share this with others. Your end users (NTRIP Clients) do not need this to connect.

Leave set to 'Auto Parse' if not known. The Caster will auto-parse the data stream and if RTCM content is found, it will create suitable entries for you. If you are not sending some form of RTCM messages, please select the format. If your NTRIP Server SW provides a Caster Entry when connecting, that data will be used.

Optional Settings (select to use)

Fixed IP Value
What is the IP address your data will come from? Enter in the form

This MountPT will be Hidden in the NTRIP Caster table, users must know its name to connect to it.

Base Station Gross Lat & Long
Provide the gross location of the Base Station in the format DD.dd Please recall that 'to the West' is negative. This information is used by the NTRIP Clients to locate nearby Stations. If left blank, and RTCM style messages are being sent, the Caster will decode this from the data stream and fill it in for you. If in doubt, leave it blank.

Misc. Details --- ---

How Did You Learn About the RTK2go Open NTRIP Caster Service?

Once submitted, you will receive a copy of your data by email, followed by a reply email with the final assigned password for your use.

Additional Supporting Details from the SNIP Knowledge Base

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