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Testing an NTRIP Caster

The SNIP node on this site and the RTK2go web site (this page) are hosted on the same machine(s).

To determine if SNIP is up and operational, simply request the Caster table on the correct port with your browser tool   ( ). 

If you get a Caster table returned, then that copy of SNIP is on line.

Hint: This method can be used for most NTRIP Casters anywhere in the world where a DNS name or a public IP has been used.


Or you can use one of our NTRIP monitoring services at: to test any Caster and have the returned table decoded for easier human reading.  The returned Caster table is displayed in a more readable format, and any location data for Caster Table entries can be plotted and displayed.


The RTK2go Caster may be periodically taken off-line for various of maintenance operations.  This normally requires under 3 minutes to change out software and restart.   On restart your PUSH-In stream connection (NTRIP Server) will be accepted again. Well behaved NTRIP Servers typically restart in under 15 seconds.  On restart, NEAR streams require an additional 3 minutes to become fully operational.

Typically this this scheduled to occur just after UTC midnight.



The evolving web:    Please Note that the latest release of Chrome (mid year 2017) will now claim that any returned text page from a “pure” NTRIP Caster table  is a “invalid response” and the Caster Table is then not shown to the user.

Aside: SNIP has a setting to return web friendly Caster Table as pages, which we enable on this site. So when a device that is not a valid NTRIP Client tries to connect, SNIP returns well formatted html.